S34 Secret Weapon

S34 Secret Weapon

S34 Secret Weapon

  • S34 Secret Weapon
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  • S34 Secret Weapon
  • S34 Secret Weapon

S34 Secret Weapon


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Eberlestockin pienemmästä S sarjasta oleva rinkka/reppu. Ulkoisesti minimalistinen ja huomiota herättämätön, sisällä paljon taskuja ym. ominaisuuksia. Reppu sopii erityisen hyvin bullpup tyyppisille aseille kuten esimerkiksi Edgun Matador, reppuun mahtuu 75 cm pitkä ase kokonaisena kiikarin kanssa.

Mitat ovat
Korkeus 78 cm
Leveys 34 cm
Syvyys 13 cm

Ohessa Eberlestockin oma esittelyteksti englanniksi
The 'S' line of packs takes Eberlestock’s design ethic of bringing you “more than meets the eye” in an entirely new direction. With a unique aesthetic, the packs are purposely made with a minimalist exterior combined with a feature-rich interior. Perhaps you’re one of those people who wants a pack to carry your weapon, but you don’t want it to scream “military” or “hunter.” Without question, the 'S' packs, originally conceived to complement our Stealth Rifle Chassis, look civilian, as in civil, and sporty.

If you want a bag that will carry a folding sniper rifle, an 11” barreled M4, or that doubles as compact luggage, check out the S34 Secret Weapon. The S34 Secret Weapon, has two main compartments, plus an outside pocket under the coffin-logo panel.

— In the first “public” compartment, you’ll find translucent slip-pockets suitable for iphones, with a double pen slot between them, a semi-rigid document / laptop sleeve (which alternates as a hydration bladder stowage pocket), opposing rows of MOLLE/PALS type webbing, and a mesh pocket inside the front door.

— In the second, “private” compartment, you’ll find another sleeve suitable for a laptop, plus the main weapon stowage compartment. This is sized for a 22” barreled short action (20” shown above), or a 20” long action sniper rifle mounted to our M1 Stealth Chassis, or for an 11” barreled M4. The pack measures 30” × 13”, and this pocket uses the full dimensions. Also here, you’ll find a nice organizer assembly, with two padded magazine / iphone / compact camera compartments, pen sleeves, a zippered pocket, a tuck-pocket, and a key-keeper hook..

— The pack includes a rain cover stowed in a pocket in the bottom.

— Removable waistbelt has two zippered pockets.